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Garfagnana Adventures : Kayaking In the Garfagnana / Tuscany

Looking for a different adventure....?

Kayaking is fun & safe.. great for all to do

Come & experience the quiet backwaters of Garfagnana, amazing scenary, and really see a great deal of the area from a very different persepctive.. !

In Garfagnana Kayaks are always on Pontecosi Lake where they can be hired out, and one can head out alone with no guide.

For group of large numbers we are open to do tours on other lakes in Garfagnana. 

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Kayaking in Tuscany 

An Intro to Kayaking  in Tuscany

The Garfagana being a lush area with regular rain falls has enabled some valleys to be dammed to create electricity from this natural source. The through these Hydro Electric areas, we have now a number of lakes,  stunning in their own right with amazing backdrops of the Alpi Apuane and villages refelcted in their waters, and little inlets and places to explore, let alone the abundance of wildlife on their shore.  We offer you the chance to explore these lakes by and views that not many get of the lakes, by hiring a kayak from us.  One can undertake a tour with a guide if they wish, or hire out a canoe. We can transport you to the lakes, provide you a boat and some hours of kayak fun, or pick up the boat yourself and go as you please !!. All boats have life jackets and are very safe and stable

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Garfagnana Kayaking


Our Kayaks are based on Pontecosi lake where they are open for hire all year round. Here Pontecosi lake has an abundance of blue heron plus a huge more number of birds. The area has now been made a UNSECO site of natural interest. 

Other Lakes to Kayak are Valgli Lake, where you have any amazing backdrop to kayak with the medieval village of Vagli Sotto & the high peaks of the Alpi Apuane behind, with the peaks of Monte Tambura & Sumbra relected in the waters... This lake can be kayaked as part of organised group.

Then there is Lake Gramolazzo, still further north in the garfagnana, another great lake, but with more open water and more open views this lake has a different feel to that of Vagli. Here one is near Gorfigliano & the rd to Minucciano leading to a great tekking area of the Orto di Donna, and the highest Peak of the Alpi Apuane Monte Pisanino.

Groups >

Organised Kayak tours can be arranged for groups of 6 and up. , but otherwise no guided tours are available.

Individuals and Families >

 We offer kayaking at Pontecosi lake, where we keep some kayaks. There you have the freedom to explore alone, & to do as much kayaking as you would like for a single cost. If one would like to go to Lake Gramolazzo or Vagli contact us for pricing options.

NOTE : Garfagnana Adventures does not hold any responsibilty for accidents caused when Kayaking, mountain biking, road biking and trekking. When the fault lies with the individual in a guided situation and also when NO guide is present, such as self guided tours. Sports and activities are undertakem with the knowledge one does so at Ones Own Risk.

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Other Kayaking in Tuscany for Groups & Individuals

  • Lake Masaciucolle - near Pisa / Viareggio

this Lake is a great lake for wildlife and its small water channels it has, lots of open water & things to look at make for a great day out kayaking. Done in assciation with Centro LIPU - Oasi di Masaciucolle

  • River Serchio - between Lucca & Pisa

This is another great venue for kayaking, on a large expanse of water we kayak in one direction to go with the flow of the river and kayak down from Village to village and through a great diversity of scenary.

tours here can be done for groups. For individuals we will organise the booking for masaciucolle and give you directions to kayak by yourselves, if you wish a guide this can be provided at extra cost to the kayak hire. 

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Garfagnana Adventures - Az Le Casine di Braccicorti, Pontecosi, Pieve Fosciana LU 55036 Italia

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