TOUR 8: Lago di Vagli & Campocatino
Start beside lake and take old path up to village of Vagli Sopra and then to old shepherd’s village of Campocatino. After time here, walk to old hermitage of San Viviano and descend to Vagli Sotto. This is a valley walk with a mountain feel, passing through the Villages of Vagli and up to the quaint and probably one of the most picturesque sights in the Garfagnana, Campocatino, with the soaring heights of the peaks behind, one gets a bit of everything. The hermitage of San Viviano is a small chapel clinging to the rock face, built from a old cave where the saint is said to have lived. Great views of the lake of Vagli and flowers and orchids that in season are wonderful. Easy to Moderate with one section with some exposure in ascent to hermitage – 5.5hrs