TOUR 14: Cinque Terre Walk / Culture Day
Here, we drive out from the valley of the Garfagnana and head for the coastline near La Spezia. There we find the 5 Terre coast and the town of Portovenere.The 5 terre are called "the 5 Lands", because at one time they were inaccessible apart from sea access by boat and the small walking trail that connects them. Now there is the road and rail link. Howevere it is this old path used for harvest time crop gathering and trading that we walk on.
Our day takes us first from Rio Maggiore and a short section of walk on the Via Del Amore, the trail of Love !, where lovers go and gaze at each other and the sun set ! Here we walk to Manarola via the path cut into the rock face of the cliff with great views. Then from Manarolo a small harbour town also we take a 45min section of walk to Corniglia. Built high in the tock of a rock outcrop. Then from here we hot the main part of the trail through the olive groves and lush vegetation as we walk to Vernazza on a narrow trail that wonds it way through for over an hour to Vernazza. One of the quaintest towns along the walk. Here we have a break for Lunch before we continue on the Last section to Monte Rosso. An inspiring section of trail through the olive groves and lemon trees less trodden that the section before. To bring us to the end of our walk and the old and new towns of Monterosso.
One can walk as much or as little as you want to, there is the use of the train from town to town, as well as, on good days the boat that goes from town to town ( not corniglia !). Portovenere at ones wish can be added into a days itinerary if ones wishes.