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Garfagnana Adventures  Multi Activity tours & day trips !!


Looking for a Varied & exciting day out.....or week away

Rather than just concentrating on one acitvity, how about 2 or 3 or more!

Days out can combine a bike & trek, or a bike & kayak day, or a trek & climb.. or just weeks away with different activities each day of the week.

  • One day : a mountain bike ride
  • another : a trek in the mountains
  • another : a kayak in garfagnana or near Pisa
  • another : a day in Lucca or Florence
  • another : a a day canyoning in Orido di Botri
  • another : a day climbing in Buffadello Adventure park
  • another : a day road cycling to the coast

There are many choices & options, see below for some day options, that can be combined to make a full week. Full weeks organised for groups of 6+. Day trips can be done for 4+, or directions given to undertake the activities through the various organisations we work with.

Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventures

Multi Activity Tours & days out  in Garfagnana, Tuscany 

Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventures

Canyoning in Orido di Botri for Groups & Individuals

In season the Lima river Flows with enough water to allow one to descend the canyon & jump in the various pools & more !!!

A great full day out with professional guides, wet suites are provided for the day.

Contact us for more info to organise this day for you.

Aside from a full days canyoning, one can walk the lower part of the Orido di Botri, with sandals / trainers on by paying at small entrance fee to the national parks forestry commision that are there. They provide helmets for this & it can be done most of the year

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Bike & Hike Days Out

Half day mountain bike towards the mountains of the Alpi Apuane. Starting from Braccicorti we use road and old drovers road tracks and mule track to get us up into the mountains. All routes use tracks to get us up to a high level to start, either using old marble quarry routes of existing tracks used for forestry. From the bike we then take to trekking the final section to the top of the various peaks.

Choose from the following Mountains to acompany your ride.

Monte Sumbra

1) Ride To Vianova from Braccicorti, via Carreggine on road an chesnut tracks where we continue on forestry track up the ridge of Monte Sumbra. When the track finishes, we leave our bikes and take to foot for the ascent of the peak of Sumbra at 1709m. This is one of the easiest trekking peaks in the Alpi Apuane. Great views of all Appennine Chain as well as the lake of Vagli below us, let alone the Versillia coast line. We return to the bikes for an easy or technical descent…..back to Vianova and a fast descent back to Braccicorti.. Moderate ride and trek

Pania Secca or the Pania Della Croce

2) Ride from Braccicorti to Castelnuovo and then take road upto Monteperpoli and then onto Piglionico, where we leave our bikes. The road up has great views down towards Barga and goes through some very quaint villages, on its way to the Dead Man. From Piglionico we take a route that traverses the side of the Pania Secca climbing up towards the Rifugio Rossi. Here we Choose. The Pania della Croce, the higher and more spectacular with its coastal views has a great ascent through a rocky gorge that zig zags its way up to the peak. The Pania Secca, you walk up on the waymarked route, a slightly exposed ridge line with inspiring views to one side towards the coast and the Procinto. At the summit one is rewarded with great valley views. Both descend back to the bikes the same way for the ride back to Braccicorti. Moderate ride and moderte trek.

Monte Tambura

3) Ride from Braccicorti across the valley to lago Vagli and up to Vagli Sopra to enter the Arnetola Valley, where we ride up surrounded by the high peaks and the workings of the marble quarries. At the end of the marble quarry road, We leave the bikes and head up to the Passo Tambura and the final ascent onto Monte Tambura, the second highest of the range of the Alpi Apuane. From the summit one has a great sense of achievement as one can look back towards Braccicorti and see from where we have come. From the peak we return the same way back to the pass to the bikes for an excellent descent down to the shores of the lake and back via Poggio and Villetta to Braccicorti.

Moderate to challenging ride to moderate trek.

Monte Pisanino

4) Ride from Braccicorti north up the valley to Piazza al Serchio, where we cross the river to Nicciano, Gramolazzo and then head up into the Orto di Donna, where we leave our bikes at Rifugio Val Serenaia . Here we trek up the side ridge of Pisanino , this is exposed in places. We reach the top, with not too much space to spare we can take in the sense and achievement of being at the top of the highest of the Alpi Apuane. We descend the same way as we came to the bikes or a drink at the refuge before our ride back to Braccicorti. This is a challenging trek and is only for good walkers. The ride is longer than most, moderate level with a challenging trek to finsh on.

Monte Prado—Highest in Tuscany at 2054m

5) Route up from Braccicorti via Corfino and the visitors centre, and descend in the direction of Villa Sorragio, here we take an off road track that threads its way up the mountains of the Appennines towards the Rifugio Prado. Here we can leave our bikes and take to the waymarked walking route that takes us up the side of the main Appennine ridge and up onto Monte Prado. For more experienced Riders one can take bikes up for an alternative descent from the peak of Monte Prado. Or rtn back the same way to bikes and trakcs down to Braccicorti

Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventures
Adventure Activities

Bike & Kayak days out in Garfagnana

Here you have 2 options for a day tour of this combination

Lake Vagli or

Lake Gramolazzo

A) Bike Tour & Kayak on Lago Vagli

Bike tour on and off road, from Braccicorti via Careggine and lovely beech forest and old chesnut tracks to a scenic descent down to the Lago do Vagli. Here we ride to the Pontile with great views of the old historic centre of Vagli Sotto, and put in to the lake for our session of kayaking. We will go out and explore the lake and its mysteries that it holds. This being the lake that has the submerged medieval village of Fabbrica di Careggine or the Paese Fantasma, the ghost Village at its bottom. Which at 10year intervals when the lake is drained is brought back to life. After our kayak and lunch by the lake we will then ride upto Campocatino and look at this fascanating shepherds village before taking to the bikes and a track descent via Roggio to Camporgiano and ride along to Poggio and back to Braccicorti.

B) Bike Tour and Lago di Gramolazzo

Bike tour from the base of Braccicorti, north up the valley of the Garfagnana via the towns of Villetta and San Romano, to the Fortress of Verrucole, where we will ride up for some amazing views of the valley and the Alpi Apuane in front of us. From here we take a forest track through meadows and pastures towards Caprignana before we descend down to Piazza al Serchio. We continue on the road through the town and cross the river and head towards Nicciano and then onto the lake of Gramolazzo. Here we will meet the boats at lunch time and have lunch beside the lake before our exploration. After lunch,the canoes are ready as we head out onto the lake with views of the Alpi Apuane and Monte Pisanino towering over us and the marble quarries mirrored in the waters as we paddle.

From the boats we head back onto the bikes and have the choice for an off road way back or on the road via Campocatino. The off raod section takes us up above the lake to Verrocolette and onto a wonderful track to Casciana and then onto Camporgiano and Poggio to cross the river at Pontecosi & arrive back then at Braccicoti after am inspiring day out.

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 Other Activities in Garfagnana for Groups & Individuals

Please contact us for more info on :

  • sky diving near Lucca

  • paragliding

  • rock climbing

or whatever else may take your fancy

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