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Garfagnana - where is it in Tuscany ?

The Garfagnana is North of Lucca and Pisa, very much the finger tip of Tuscany. We are 50km from Lucca and about 50km from the sea at Massa. Surrounded by a natural barrier of two mountain ranges, one the Apennines and the other the Marble Mountains of the Apuan Alps.
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Garfagnana - how does it get its name ?

The Garfagnana  is very much a traditional name for the region, a name coming from old etruscan translations of an area of Rich forests and traditions, an area that has been sheltered and protected from the changes and the effects of mass tourism and general development that has been seen all over Tuscany.
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How does one reach the area ?

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By road from Lucca or Aulla that runs the length of the valley. Road from Forte Dei Marmi and Massa. Road from Reggio Emilia and Bologna & Modena. By train that comes from Lucca and Aulla. Lucca connects to Pisa and Florence and Aulla to Parma and La Spezia.

directions for Le Casine : PDF

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What is there to see & do in Garfagnana ?

It is very much an outdoor way of life, walking, riding and biking through the amazing and lush tranquil setting of the valley and forests to the High Mountains and lush pastures. The area great for walking with waymarked walking trails, and bike trails. Kayaking in Mountain Lakes. Exploring the medieval villages and old fortreses of the area..... and the list goes on.....2 mountain ranges giving us enless choices for walks and exploration, from marble in the Alpi Apuane to the high rolling Apennines.

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The Garfagnana & its Mountains -  a Jewel in Tuscany

The Garfagnana, the “Hidden Corner of Tuscany”, off the beaten track of tourism and full of natural treasures and traditions. Surrounded by the chain of the Alpi Apuane on one, and the other the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano. These two ranges have an amazing contrast, hugely varying in a small distance, giving two separate environments, different morphologically, socially and also traditionally. From them an unusual range of images and colours are born to the naked eye. To the sharp peaks of the Apuane , with its white marble glistening, then crossing over, there are contrasted by profile and high undulating ridge of the imposing Appennines. With slim green pastures and that of the colour of the immense woods of beech trees. In the fondovalle (lower valley), the crystalline waters of the Serchio, serve as a dividing line among these two landscapes, different, but equally fascinating.

The Garfagnana and the Valley of the Serchio River, serve as an ideal environment for one who wants to live in direct contact with nature, whilst being able to rediscover the history of a valley and the traditional culture and past of its inhabitants. The Garfagnana, is an area set apart from the province of Lucca, that has succeeded in the passage of time an almost unchanged native landscape and environmental characteristics. The climate, with middle of the range temperatures distant from the high values of the lower plains of Pisa, due to the freshness of altitude and a real alpine weather system. The valley has the abundance of water due to good rainfall from what one could call a real micro-climate due to the 2 ranges of mountains that close the valley. The weather patterns have given a luxuriant aspect to the natural vegetation. Throughout the year the hillsides are an oasi of green, especially the slopes of the Appennines and the Park of the Orecchiella full of bilberry bushes, to the Alps Apuane and its bare peaks, both areas of mountains are today National and Regional Parks. These parks are of course home to a great deal of wildlife, giving shelter to lots of species of animal common and rare, plus species indigenous to the area. Also the area contains rare kinds residual of the ancient glaciations as well as many types of flora, some indigenous to the area, examples such as the Rhododendron ferrugineun and many other flowers which in spring time gives colour in ever aspect of the valley, from varieties of Orchid and fields of Narcisi, to great numbers of common flowers such as gentian and santalina.

There is something for all in the Garfagnana, a natural valley that time has not spoilt, and a region one can call the Real Hidden Secret of Tuscany – a gem in the mountains of Tuscany.

Why the  Garfagnana ?? >

+ Trekking Garfagnana : Peak Heights upto 2100m , between 2 mountain ranges of the Apennines and the Alpi Apuane. There are Via ferrata and mountain refuges, and we can show them all !!

+ Waymarked trails for self guided tours & guided tours and full week options. You can come and stay at our agriturismo and we can show you where to go and what to do.... that's what we are here for !! and if you want a guide or a package put together, we can do that too !

+ Agriturismo in Garfagnana : Braccicorti : Great food and friendly accommodation, in a beautiful Tuscan Agriturismo in the Garfagnana, with local family on site for real Italian feel and cuisine !!We have 2 swiimming pools, 5 chalets to rent out, 8 double bed rooms, kayaks and bikes to hire and our 6 holf golf course ! >
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+ Experienced guides and local family of Braccicorti  providing  holiday's  specific to your personal and group needs. Custom design! Our guides all have porfessional alpine experience and mtb qualifications, we are local guides for Exodus and Explore, 2 UK travel operators and their tours in Tuscany.


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