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Garfagnana Adventures  Winter Sports In the Garfagnana / Tuscany

Looking for an adventure in the winter....?

You don't only have to ski, there are alot of activities to do this time of year, be it low valley walks, snow shoe walks, cross country skiing and even maybe some lessons of downhill skiing !!

In the winter weather is clear, with great blue skies, fresh of course !! but when you are moving then you are warm anyway..

These day's out allow one to get into pure mountain scenary, which is like a winter wonderland. Peaceful, no sounds, just you, the mountains and great views..

Give it a go, you'll be impressed. Snow shoeing especially is very easy, a slightly different walking stance but after a few minutes you are fine and off without any more holding back !!

Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventures

Winter Sports  in Garfagnana, Tuscany 

Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventures

Snow Shoeing in Garfagnana !!

During the months of good snow fall we are also operating another form of snow sport called snow-shoeing!. This is really a way to allow those who do not ski, a chance for a day out in the mountains in the snow. Not only that, we are able to get you onto the mountains and see the winter sights, to places where otherwise you would not be able to go in the winter months. Giving us the chance to appreciate ones surroundings and wildlife of the area.

Snow shoes are strapped onto general stiff leather walking boots, and then one is able to walk without sinking in too far into the snow. Poles are used to keep ones balance when walking, but otherwise you canít go wrong, it is just like normal walking with big plastic feet !!!

In winter months there are numerous tracks in the snow. We follow prints of the wolf, which has been successfully re-introduced into the Apennines. There are also tracks of the large numbers of Roe and Red dear and Mouflon, that are to be found in the Orecchiella and Parco del Gigante. With the amazing clear and fresh views and peace and quiet, one really canít go wrong.

Cross Country Skiing in Garfagnana

For this specialist sport we offer you our guiding skills and local knowledge to take you to where there is snow. The season for this is Dec to end of April, but this is now becoming very difficult to predict

Ski Routes are to be found criss-crossing the Apennines, where there are a number of ski stations we use to go point to point. The Main resort is that of Abetone, 1 hr from our base, but we have smaller areas such as Casone and Passo Radici close to us. The network of trails are superb and one can go high and attack peaks such as Prado, the Highest in Tuscany , or others such as Cusna, or stay low on a network of forestry tracks. Where there is an opportunity to get snow, we will take you there. We have not put down any particular routes as they would depend on the level of snow, so for us and you, we make it easier to go where there is snow so to not loose out.

Winter Walks  in Garfagnana for Groups & Individuals

General winter walks are also undertaken, as per trekking program, weather permitting and snow conditions. Snow may be encountered on tours, but generally tours be walking with some optional snow shoe sections. So hard leather boots will be needed

We normally walk in the Orecchiella Natural Park and onto the Pania del Corfino, where in winter time views and wildlife is truly spectalcular. Also tours onto main Apennine ridge starting from Casone. Along with some lower level walks into the Alpi Apuane, and areas such as Campocatino and the lower peaks of Monte Forato others.

Winter and early spring is fantastic, with early crocus coming through the snow and later on the gentian and narcissi fill the hill sides. A special time in the Mountains that some rarely get to experience.

Valley walks and low level walks are great in winter and especially early march onwards as flowers start to come out as snow melts.

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