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Garfagnana Adventures - Mountain Bike Day Tours

Day tours are available in the area of the Garfagnana. Tours can be self guided or guided. The cost for guided tours can be seen on Day Tour Prices Below there is a selection of day tours available. There are many more available, with varying degrees of difficulty and expertise. Be it single track days, to downhill days and cross country routes. Please contact us if you would like more information. A selection of tours can be taken as a short tour itinerary, with meals and lodging included, contact us for info. For an 8 day tour of Mountain Biking go to the tours page.

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Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventures

Valley Ride in Garfagnana

Ride through Medieval villages, such as Castiglione di Garfagnana, a great mix of trails & terrain. Available at Braccicorti as a self guided tour with route notes provided.

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The Orecchiella Natural Park & Pania del Corfino

A great Cicuit of this beautiful park, with option to ride to the summit of the Pania del Corfino at 1609m. Chance to see lots of wildlife and experience the best single track in the Garfagnana.

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Campocatino & Lake Vagli : Alpi Apuane

A chance to get up close and personal with the Marble mountains of the Alpi Apuane, riding some great forest tracks and single track, and stopping at the great old shepherds village of Campocatino

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Getting High in the Appennines

A ride upto & into the heart of the Appennines. Hitting a high point of 1910m on the main ridge line. Stopping at Mountain Lakes, refuges and more en route... 3+ hours mostly downhill !!!

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There are many more Day trips that we have.. about 30+ !! For those of you wanting to ride, we can guide you or offer you a selection of route notes for some of the a transfer up .. so you can then make your way all the way back to us at Braccicorti !!!

Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventures

Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventures
Adventure Activities - Bicycle Tours and Rentals

Help on Self Guiding in Garfagnana with your MTB !!!

Adventure Activities - Bicycle Tours and Rentals

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Garfagnana by Bicycle : by Lucia and Bruno Giovannetti, by Tamari Montagna Edizioni, If you would like a copy please contact us for Price and Postage.As this is produced by Guides of Braccicorti & Garfagnana Adventures.


Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventures
Garfagnana Adventures - Az Le Casine di Braccicorti, Pontecosi, Pieve Fosciana LU 55036 Italia

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